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Martin wrote an answer about on November 4, 2011

No top quality winter jacket is waterPROOF. The best ones are all waterRESISTANT. That means water won´t come unless it comes with pressure or rinses along pressurized parts of the jacket for a longer time - e.g. the shoulder portion below a heavy backpack. You won`t be happy with waterproof stuff because you will sweat in that and it gets wet from inside - just try to wear a plastic bag, same effect within shorter time. By the way, the temperatures that this garment is designed for come along with a very low air humidity, so that all water vaporizes (depending on the pressure) or freezes. Trust me, I have quite a few years of winter (and summer) experience in the Alpes. Don´t buy something that claims to be waterproof unless it is a raincoat or an umbrella. Cheers!