Maria Petterson

Maria Petterson

Europe, BVI, Africa

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Maria Petterson

Maria Petterson wrote an answer about on June 8, 2012

Sissy, I bought these pants from Dick's sporting goods in a size 8. I've never worn a size 8. Normally I'm around a 4-6. They do run small. I'm 5'7" and weigh 135. I love, love, love these pants! I wouldn't say the waist band has a lot of stretch, but it gives a little. It doesn't cut my waist like a lot of them do and they look feminine. The waist of the pants sit right at the bottom of my belly button where I measure 34 1/2". My hips are about 36 1/2". These pants fit perfectly and comfortably. There is still room for a couple more inches of hips, however, even though I don't fill that area completely, the hip area still lays very nicely. Dick's didn't have any other colors to choose from and the pants they had online were still $60 and had "full legs" vs "straight legs." That is why I'm ordering them from this site.