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Mari H.

Mari H. wrote an answer about on November 19, 2011

I've tried both brands, and I'm happier with Nau. Here's why:

1) Personally, I find Nau's quality and wind resistance to be much better than North Face's, and their designs are nicer � more feminine and urban. Nau also is committed to a high level of eco-friendliness, which is a top priority for me.

2) Statistically, this coat has 650 down fill. I have a North Face down coat with 600 fill. The 650 down fill is a higher level of warmth. I'm planning to pick up this coat as a replacement for the North Face coat I own because this one is more shapely and pretty. And I know I won't be sacrificing warmth for cuteness with this piece because I tried on the Nau down vest (which has a down fill of 850) in a shop in Chicago and was incredibly warm straight away.

3) I was planning to get this on Nau's site and came here to price check. But you can read three views on their site that give more information about fit, warmth, etc. Here's a link:

I don't work for Nau (or North Face or Backcountry, for that matter). I'm simply a total gear junkie who's really passionate about the Nau brand because I love everything I've purchased from them, and their customer service rocks. :)

Final note: If you buy it on Backcountry, and it doesn't work out, you always can return it. Another bonus of buying here, I've found.