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Marc Langille

Marc Langille

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Interests: Photography, Cycling (road and mtb), Camping, Canoeing, Computers, Nordic Skiing, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Reading.

My photography often takes me off the beaten path and gets me up early in the morning! My sports, travel and nature related images have been published (in print), as well as multiple images published online:

Marc Langille

Marc Langillewrote a review of on April 22, 2011

Redfeather set an industry standard
5 5

The Race R700 is a great running snowshoe! It's the minimum frame/deck size of 8"x25" for men's USSSA (United States Snowshoe Association) racing events. For the women, minimum size is 7"x21". The cleats/crampons are well spaced, dig into the snow and hold you very well on inclines, especially on packed trails.

Weight limit: on packed trails they can take more abuse, so the 190lb limit isn't quite as applicable or cut and dry. clearly indicates 190lbs for the weight limit on the current model/year:

However, I am 6'2", weigh around 194lb, so I contacted Redfeather support on 02/25/2011 & gave them my height/weight details. They confirmed it's not an issue - see below:

"For the race snowshoe I don't think you are pushing the weight limit. Then again it all depends on the type of snow you are running on. Packed/icy snow is going to take more abuse than just a packed snow or powder. The materials we use can handle quite a bit of stress. I would say you would be fine in a race shoe. Maybe a bit much for the vapor. Hope this helps, RJ, Customer Service 800-525-0081, Redfeather"

If you ever have a question on weight limit, give Redfeather a call!

(The attached image was taken while snowshoe running near Breckenridge, CO at 10,000 feet.)