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Mandy Lou Who wrote a review of on July 28, 2011

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This is my favorite boat! As a smaller female I wanted something I could totally control and this is just the ticket. It is very versatile and has served me well on both whitewater and flatwater. (Sadly it has logged far more hours on flatwater due to my unfortunate local geography). My husband also prefers this boat to his bulkier Dagger Axis because of its fantastic maneuverability. It feels remarkably similar to the Liquidlogic Remix at a 30% lower price so that's nice too. My only complaint about the whole boat is the very small opening for accessing the ample dry storage. What's the point of having that wonderfully huge storage space if you cant squeeze anything into it? It will take a tent, sleeping bag, pfd, etc. but you will work hard to get that stuff through the opening.




Mandy Lou Who

Mandy Lou Who wrote an answer about on July 28, 2011

Hi Robert,
I have paddled this boat in both whitewater and flatwater and it handles very well in both. I like the maneuverability of the 9' version and even though it's shorter, it has served me well on long laps around the lake as well. You might also check out the Dagger Approach (my personal favorite hybrid). Remarkably similar to the Remix but about $300 cheaper. To me, the main/only advantage of the Liquidlogic over the Dagger boat is the larger opening for dry storage access. The storage capacity for each boat is about the same but the opening is much bigger on the Remix which makes it far easier to cram a tent and sleeping bag into! Happy kayaking!