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Luis - a.k.a. Magestyk

Luis - a.k.a. Magestyk

Planet Earth

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Mountain Biking

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Just another guy(Wanderer, Nomad, or Monk)who enjoys art, music, wine, and scenery. Never had much money/material things(Not important), but I had good 'Karma' over the years so somehow I managed to live/see other places. Be good and good things shall come to you. ;)

Luis - a.k.a. Magestyk

Luis - a.k.a. Magestyk wrote a review of on May 8, 2011

3 5

This battery pack has potential if they improve it(Larger mAh/Slow Discharge), but right now it's not worth the cost.
Let me explain. If you going on an Indiana Jones type expedition or traveling to some place that has no batteries/electricity around. Then 'Yes' this pack is worth paying/getting. The USB charging cable integration is fantastic. I have a solar(Power Monkey Explorer) charger and it works great with this pack.

Now with that said if you going to be around electricity, then it's not worth paying for.
It's better and cheaper buying AAA Rechargeable batteries w/charger.

I have a 4pack of 1000mAh and the performance I get is far better than this pack. However when I go for long hikes/trips I take the solar charge and this battery pack with me.





Luis - a.k.a. Magestyk

Luis - a.k.a. Magestyk wrote a review of on May 7, 2011

Hail to the King
5 5

Wow, this backpack is fantastic. I was a Grunt for a long time and I've used many large backpacks over the years in all shapes and sizes, but this sucker is HUGE! Dont let the pictures fool you. ;)
The good thing is the straps can be adjusted to compress it and make it smaller. The material is not military quality/thick(It's why they also so damn heavy), but the Osprey is just as strong/light for civilian use. With that said I honestly have to say that if I were to give this pack the same treatment I gave to my other military counterparts it wouldnt have lasted long.

Different materials/design for different purpose.

However with that said, compared to other civilian packs this is the best IMO. This baby has Lots of features, is extremely well made, includes the 'All Mighty' warranty, and it's made in the good old (Colorado)USA. ;)

For those wondering I'm 5'11" 185lbs and I have a Large size(Delta)