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Lexi Dowdall

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Position at Backcountry: Community Manager -----

....which basically means I get to heckle all you GREAT folks on a professional level about leaving product reviews and feedback on backcountry.com! So let's start over...

Position at Backcountry: PROFESSIONAL HECKLER -----

What are you waiting for!??
Have you found Backcountry.com reviews helpful in researching gear!? Pay it forward!
Leave us some gear reviews!

I grew up in the shadows of the Wasatch range in Salt Lake City, Utah. I left for a spell and realized the great mountains of Utah are nothing short of spellbinding.
I LIVE for skiing and try to log as many days as I can.

I'm slowly improving at mountain biking, but I only just started a few summers back because someone told me it would improve my skiing. I hated summers for the longest time, but mountain biking is helping, as does my new found love for paddleboarding.

In my free time, I also write reviews for Blister Gear Review (www.blistergearreview.com) because I think reviews are crucial to making gear purchases. (ditto) It's so important to know what to expect when spending $$ on gear. I try to be as fair and unbiased in my reviews as possible and I avoid buying crappy gear at ALL costs.

My hobbies include terrariums and other crafty pursuits because I don't own a television.

Check out my ramblings on Instagram!

Instagram handle: @kaPOWder

Lots of people think Utah is an effin' weird place, and I'm here to tell you different! Check out my daily photo blog and prepare to shatter the curtain of Zion :



Lexi Dowdall

Lexi Dowdall wrote a review of on September 16, 2014

AMPED - why yes, I am...
5 5

Took this paddle on a 1 month journey to explore the wilds of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest. I took another composite paddle to easily compare performance between this paddle and a fiberglass one (Item #BWK000J) Here are my findings.

* AESTHETICS - I'll be the first to admit this paddle has been on my wishlist on Backcountry for over a year. It's the most beautiful paddle we carry. The wood grain is unique and gorgeous and everywhere I went I received comments. Blade shape and angle was efficient, I had no problem keeping up with other paddlers.

* WEIGHT – This paddle was 1 oz heavier than the fiberglass one I was also testing. The Amp was 5.5 oz heavier than the carbon/Kevlar paddle I used last summer. That being said, I didn’t notice the extra ounces and the paddle felt lively and responsive in my hand. It has a great swing weight and unless you are racing in a professional capacity 5oz isn’t going to be noticeable. Paired with the carbon shaft the paddle was very solid and wasn’t fazed by fast-moving water. I felt I could paddle efficiently and tirelessly which was especially important when I was paddling upriver on the Columbia River, which was CRANKING!

* COMFORT – Easy to use for longer journeys. I found the wooden T-grip secure and comfortable (which is not always the case because I have small hands). I thought it might be slippery, but that wasn’t an issue.

*ADJUSTIBILITY – I really appreciate this feature, though it does add weight. I find that as SUP gains popularity someone ALWAYS wants to try my board and as a shorter paddler this feature allows me to let people give SUP a go. I think the mechanism was easy to use (just a push pin system) and liked it better than the clip lock system I’ve found on Boardworks paddles. It was easier to adjust on the fly but you are restricted to the 2 inch increments.

*DURABILITY – This paddle is durable since I banged it on the pavement and rocks on multiple occasions – no scuffs or dings.






Lexi Dowdall

Lexi Dowdall wrote an answer about on September 15, 2014

Howdy Carp.
I highly suggest this Bella!!!
It's a seriously solid all-arounder, stable, and great in pow.
I rode this ski and the Atomic Millennium (somewhat similar to the century) and found this ski FARRRR more fun to ride.

The Millennium felt somewhat lifeless, like a 2x4 plank, where this ski was lively, responsive and fun.
In addition to Bill's recommendation for the Dakota, I might also check out the Samba by Blizzard.



Lexi Dowdall

Lexi Dowdall wrote a review of on September 2, 2014

2 5

Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions
Fit: True to size

Snatched these up for a Canadian wedding and boy do I ever regret it. I walked about 6 blocks to grab some fancy dinner downtown and had to walk most of the return trip in my bare feet.

I found they fit true to size, but they rubbed my ankles something fierce and I've now got a nice little blister goin on my left ankle. Maggie didn't have this problem below, as she found them very comfortable. I think I may have gotten a size too large, so I suggest considering sizing down on these. I have a narrow forefoot with skinny ankles.

They may work for you - they didn't for me and I can't return 'em.



Lexi Dowdall

Lexi Dowdall wrote a review of on August 25, 2014

5 5

Familiarity: I've used it several times
Fit: True to size

These panties arrive in a box shaped like a drawer.
I thought this highly amusing.
I showed lots of people - maybe that was weird.

These are great, I'll be buying more as soon as budget allows.
The fit is more flattering than the Patagonia Bikini Model.
I like very much the ruched backside - a fun, unique detail.
(I've attached a model pic for reference).

The fabric itself is very soft and moisture wicking.
I wore these on a big hike recently and couldn't have been more pleased wiht performance.
Comfy, non-chafing, and breathable.

Time will tell if the durability is as good as or better than Patagonia or Icebreaker's merino SPRITE briefs.
I am 120lbs and 5'3" and the size small was perfect.



Lexi Dowdall

Lexi Dowdall wrote a review of on August 25, 2014

4 5

Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I have child-sized hands, so I really appreciate the small diameter of these bars on my Juliana Primerio bike.
They were weird to get used to at first, they made my hands fall asleep, but after a few rides I found them more comfortable and I wouldn't swap 'em.

I like the many color choices offered by Julian for grips, which keeps it fun.

My only complaint is that I can't move the shifters any further out because the bars become too narrow for the collars, which is unfortunate. This is my only complaint. Otherwise the bars are holding up beautifully and I do like the smaller diameter.

Some women may not need this, but I found it helpful since my hands are so small. Other ladies I've talked to found them to be too small and too narrow for their liking. I'm not a freerider, so I don't want honkin wide DH-bars - they work for me.




Lexi Dowdall

Lexi Dowdall wrote a review of on August 22, 2014

5 5

Familiarity: I've used it several times
Fit: True to size

Living in Utah is an epic trial for a cold-blooded winter-lover like myself.

When the Mercury soars high my spirits dip low, and when the thermometer spits out a reading over 100 - I kind of just want to crawl into a meat locker while waving a white flag of surrender.

BUT - what if I just instead decided to WEAR a white flag of surrender with a built in ventilation AC channel?

GENUIS! Lole to the rescue!
I can keep cool and also maybe look cool while remaining cool!
The fabric is so crazy soft that I don't really want to take this thing off. Fit is true to size, though the shirt is lonnnnnnnng - could definitely pair with leggings.

I am 5'3" and 120 lbs and the size small is perfection.

As I'm bicycling around town on summer evenings I feel the wind moving between my shoulder blades and down my back and the sensation makes me want to WHOOP with joy!

I don't think it's an easy thing to nail the SEXY back plunge without venturing into the realm of potentially slOOooty. This manages.

If you want to amp up the exposure and skip the sporty yoga bra layered look, I HIGHLY suggest checking out the NuBra for a great backless look. It's a sticky titty bra that is both supportive and comfortable - it changed my world!



Lexi Dowdall

Lexi Dowdall posted an image about on August 22, 2014

Goat Drinks!

Goat Drinks!
Boys in the band ordered GOAT DRINKS!

Waitress, I need two more GOAT drinks.
Then I'm headin south 'fore my dream shrinks.
I gotta where it's warm.

I gotta go where it's warm.
I gotta go where it's warm.
I gotta go where there ain't any snow,
where there ain't any blow,
'cause my fin sinks so low.
I gotta go where it's warm.

(Jimmy Buffet is straight cray' - I gotta go where it SNOWS)!



Lexi Dowdall

Lexi Dowdall wrote a review of on August 22, 2014

5 5

Familiarity: I've used it several times

I know very little about bikes.
In fact, it's rather embarrassing. Seriously.

And while I am taking small strides to change this terrible dearth of basic knowledge, I consult folks around the Backcountry / Competitive Cyclist office in the meantime.

In asking our most knowledgeable, experienced and veteran bike nerd employees - 4 out of 4 agreed.
I didn't even say anything...all 4 recommended it independently of each other.

What do I know about bike lube? Nothing.
But these strong recommendations were enough to convince me that this was the only option for lube.

My nO_Ob observations:

*It's a nice yellow color.

*The texture is viscous without being nasty - I kept hearing how the 'lite' part is sposto be really nifty. Sure. It's great. I think?

*I don't mind the smell - It's a weird combo of sweet, candy (smarties maybe?) with the acrid scent of a rubber tire. Interesting but not offensive.

* Pretty easy to clean up, though I have nothing else to compare it to....what do I know?




Lexi Dowdall

Lexi Dowdall wrote an answer about on August 21, 2014

Hey Jesse!

I think this may actually come down to anatomy.
If you scan my review and those of Amber and Jessica, you see that none of us experienced riding up or bunching.

Rosanna however DID find them to ride up and she didn't like these at all. However scanning these reviews you see most people were pretty thrilled, so I would conclude that in most cases they don't ride up. I've never had problems with mine.



Lexi Dowdall

Lexi Dowdall wrote a review of on August 20, 2014

4 5

Familiarity: I gave it as a gift, but have feedback to share
Fit: True to size

Grabbed this for the BF and while surprised by the mildly angry looking Koala graphic, he immediately put it on and we went for a walk about town. He is a connoisseur of fine and unique graphic tee shirts, so he was stoked to add this to the collection.

He was commenting on the softness of the fabric (organic - woo) and it fit him really well. I like him in a slim fit style versus a traditional boxy cut tee - so this looks quite fetching.

He is about 5'9" and the medium fit well. It IS a slim fit, but does run true to size.




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