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Lars wrote a review of on April 9, 2010

5 5

After a season in UT with visits to CO, WY, and ID, I've skied these on everything from 2+ feet of fresh powder to early morning icy groomers. Steep, cat tracks, bumps, all over.

They are happiest in deep snow going downhill fast - go ahead and carve GS turns or tight little "S"s. But, in anything but rutted moguls they really rip. Put both skis on edge and you can roar down groomers like a freight train, but they are surprisingly maneuverable. Nice thing about the rocker is that the tips are up away from the snow when running flat on a groomer, so you don't get that twitchiness like in a regular shape ski. But they track straight, and then roll 'em on edge and they carve like crazy.

They crush corn snow.

I'd rather be on my GS boards to run gates, or on a total groomer day, but with even 3"+ of loose snow, Kuro starts calling my name.

Someone here mentioned that you need to be ready for the comments on the chairlift. I didn't know what he meant.... now I do. They are BIG skis. And they ski big.





Lars wrote a question about on February 2, 2010

Kuro vs. Gotama.... (and maybe Blizzard Answer...)???

I've demoed the Answer and the Gotama, but no one has the Kuro to demo. Liked both skis, but the Gotama seemed to have a but more rocker, maybe a little more sidecut, and skied, well, like a Volkl. Awesome.

I was blown away at how a fat rockered ski could rip up everything on the mountain including groomers (I usually ski Volkl Racetiger GS, or go tele).

Do you think the Kuro skis like the Gotama, only more so? I'm in Park City for the winter, will do a little backcountry, but most days will be on the mountain, and bumps and groomers will be unavoidable. If the Kuro is really out of it's element unless there's a foot of powder that could be a problem - as much as I dig the graphics.