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Larry S.

Larry S.

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Larry S.

Larry S. wrote a question about on April 27, 2014

Can this tire be used as tubeless? I run tubeless. I'm looking for a better gripping tire. I'm currently running on Specialized Captains. 2.3 front and rear at low pressure (25 to 28) But I'm finding that they are not good in cornering. The front tire just seems to want to go out from under me in either slow or fast turns. Living in So. Cal. we don't get a lot of rain.



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Larry S.

Larry S. wrote a question about on May 10, 2011

I am in need of two tires (ASAP) however,...

I am in need of two tires (ASAP) however, I am not sure which type of tires I actually need for my Mt Bike. I just purchased it a few months back and I am some what new to the short. The tires that were on my bike, a 26" "Stomp Jumper" are no longer any good, due to all of the thorns I ran over that went throw the tire and into the tubes.

My questions is this:
1) What is a better tire to use for a better ride? 2.1, 2.2 or 2.3.
2) Do I need to different types of treads and if so, why.
3) Which tire do I put in front? the tire with the more aggressive tread or less. Or do I just get two tires with the same aggressive tread. I do know that tire weight is a big factor. It's all about weight. Less is more.

I am being told so many different things. I mostly just ride single track trails, fire road or wherever I can find a dirt trial. I am not a down hill racer. I am just a weekend warrior.