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Lance wrote an answer about on April 12, 2012

DMM also mentioned that if you did exceed the maximum limits and it did deform it operates like a regular standard carabiner. I'm not concerned over deformation and the bearing locking up but I would have a problem if the roller completely broke off. Would it shred your rope or can you complete your activity safely.




Lance wrote a review of on September 2, 2009

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I ride road bikes and gone down in aggressive 20mph cornering to having other riders slamming elbows into me on 50mph downhills. I ride on the hottest muggiest days and the cooler fall mornings and evening. When you go down, hands are the one thing you tend to stick out to brake your fall if you have time to react. I've switched to full finger, lightweight high protection gloves and never will use half fingers after my first high speed go down. These gloves are great! There not bulky and fit snug the way safety equipment should.