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Lance Starling

Lance Starling

Brighton Ski Resort, The Canyons, Sundance.

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Lance's Passions

Hiking & Camping

Lance's Bio

Hi, my name is Lance. I enjoy spending time with all my cats, collecting rare and valuable coins, and recording television specials on PBS while I'm gearheading at work. If skiing were a woman, I'd marry her within two blinks from a coal-miner's eye. My only friend and I enjoy riding the T bar up the bunny hill and shouting words like "Whoo!" on our way down. I'm a firm believer that God made snow capped mountains for skiers. Snowboarders are dangerous because they're just missiles. They destroy our moguls and corduroy and are still disrespectful. Snowboarders are hooligans and need to say off my bunnyhill. I love my bunnyhill.

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