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Human Civilization can be looked as Nature's Backyard. You don't live in your backyard but you visit it every so often ;)


L1btech wrote a review of on February 6, 2012

3 5

If you have a morton's toe, this shoe is actually perfect for you! Alas I must be of an phylogenetically inferior breed and have a longer big toe. Let's just say 2h of V3/4's at the gym and I had hotspot blisters on top of BOTH big toes. I even went a half size up from my regular shoe size (7, and i usually wear 6.5)

On the plus side it's stiffer than morning wood and has excellent edging capabilities as advertised. The smearing isn't horrible but you have to figure out for yourself "how" and "which edge" you are smearing off of depending on the move.





L1btech wrote a review of on August 17, 2008

5 5

Got this the day before my shoulder surgery, and started using it the day after. I can guarantee that it fits my neoprene encased 15.4'' macbookpro just perfect with room for 2 more textbooks. Plus there's all sorts of pockets for your junk and 3 ring-like things on one side where you can biner' stuff like water bottles to.