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Kristoffer N Jensen

Kristoffer N Jensen

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Kristoffer N Jensen

Kristoffer N Jensenwrote a review of on December 11, 2010

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Hi Backcountry :)
So, in late september i bought these gloves, needing a windstopper glove that i could bike to school in (5 miles, winds up to 10m/s), and at same time could use for hikes, meaning they should be windproof, ligth, dexteriuos and good quality.
The Venta LT's is quite good value for a light windstopper glove, price is around the same ad competitors. They weight 79 grammes in the size large, wich is very good and among the ligthest i've seen.
The strech cuff is very good, it feels a bit fragile, but so far it has stood to being pulled over watches, baselayers and my 100 weigth fleece. The leather pulltap is very nice, and makes sure you dont kill the strech in the cuff when pulling them on.
The leather reenforcement on the palm is very good, handling medium fast abseils without damage.
They are totally windproof, allthough the seems are not taped. I haven't had wind coming in yet though. They can be a bit cold around the knuckles, when downhill biking, but thats due to the thin material.
When colder wether hits, i have had great succes with putting a icebreaker liner glove under, perfect fit.
Water resistance: Very good, but as mentioned, the gloves are not taped. I was on a full day hike, with the last four hours turning in to pretty heavy rain, and wore these as my only gloves. They were were good for drizzels, but after 2-3 hours of heavy rain the seams leaked, as expected, and upon arrival (4½ hours in heavy rain) they were soaked. They dried nigth over (with exposure to campfire) and where good the next day.
Bottom line: Seam tape would be nice, but would probably double price and bring up the weigth.
Also, a leather reenforcement would be nice on the index fingers, to avoid velcro snatch.