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Kimwrote a question about on December 10, 2010

I would like to buy this board as a christmas gift for my boyfriend. I don't know much about snowboards since I just started to ride 2 years ago. My boyfriend as been doing this sport for about 15 years now. I don't want to desapoint him by buying something he wouldn't like.

He's 6'2'' and around 180 pounds
All around rider (not so much park)
We are snowboarding in east Canada, but we are planing a trip in the west soon (more powder and bigger mountains with all kind of conditions)
He rides a Sims (old model don't know the name) 157 for now but he told me that he would like to try a longer board. (maybe around 160cm)
I would like him to love his new board and have it for a long time.
He wears 10 or 10,5 in his boots (his board now is not wide, but would I have to consider maybe getting a wide board?)

Would I be doing the right thing by buying this board? If not, would you have an other model to suggest? If yes, what size should I get for him?