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Kid Robotwrote a review of on April 20, 2009

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Got this bag for my first board, and it has performed brilliantly.

I got a 166 for my 158 board, and it just fits. I can leave the bindings on, and place a pair of boots, my helmet, goggles, pants and jacket inside as well. The side pocket has all my little gear, plus two pairs of gloves and a couple of hats. This bag is ROOMY. It also has good padding built in, so your gear doesn't need extra protection inside.

The detachable shoulder strap is great for slogging through the airport (flew with it twice, nothing inside got a scratch). There's a nice bagtag built-in with velcro cover in case the airline loses your gear (the bag survived that too). Oh, and I also strapped it to the top of a car for a trip through the Mojave, and it picked up plenty of nasty bug hits, but the exterior material is heavy duty, so this stuff was easily washed off.

This bag is ridiculous value for money, and a true survivor. Trust your board with nothing less!