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Ken 26.2

Ken 26.2 wrote a review of on October 26, 2010

3 5

I am giving this product 3 stars because it is "Adequate for the job".

This is the warmest, breathable, highest quality beanie that I can find anywhere and I've tried on a LOT of beanies. The wool is not itchy, I do understand why others think it is itchy but this hat is not old school itchy wool, it's just not the super super light wool either, which is a plus in my book because it is so durable. It does not feel plush and soft, but it is certainly not itchy. It does not bother me at all, but I won't be mistaking it for silk either.

The hat does is extremely well thought out. The top of the hat is not lined with fleece and does and superb job of breathing. The fit is tight so your ears stay close to your head and warm. There is a band of fleece that aids in keeping your ears warm. This hat is comfortable to around 15F, and it will keep your ears from getting frostbite if the temperatures fall lower than that.

This beanie also does not shed fibers onto your head like other beanies do. When you take it off you do not need to worry about what the beanie left behind on your head and in your hair.

I would give this product 5 raving stars and purchase 5 hats to make sure that I always have one even after it has stopped being produced ..... except that I never want to wear the thing. I am not a walking billboard, the logo on this thing is ridiculous. If you buy this hat you will literally have the Arcteryx logo stamped on your forehead. Some people think that's cool, I don't.

Although I would otherwise pay $50 for this beanie due to its construction functionality and quality, I cannot bring myself to wear the thing because I feel like a fool with a gigantic logo stamped on my forehead.




Ken 26.2

Ken 26.2 wrote a review of on July 30, 2009

4 5


I think the others have said everything great about the jacket, only gripe I have is with the zipper. I had to return one jacket because the double zip is very difficult to use. This jacket is better, but I'm still not a fan. It can take me a few mins to get the zipper going some times, and I worry if it will fail in the future. But .... if it did, lifetime warranty!





Ken 26.2

Ken 26.2 wrote a review of on November 6, 2008

2 5

After 9 months use:

I was initially happy with these boots, until I got the chance to use them during the winter and especially the spring months. They might have a gore-tex membrane but the membrane is only going to work if the boot is constructed well.I've had to move on to boots from a different manufacturer because I didn't enjoy wet cold feet. After 10 mins in the rain these boots will soak through, not much different than a boot with no membrane. I posted a review to The North Face website, but they removed it
These are a very light/quick boot, with great support and construction. I think the description of this product is 100% accurate.Even being a fast, light hiking boot they take a good month to break in, but that's a good thing in my opinion. The gore-tex works just like it should, the only place my socks get wet was from some snow that fell in through the top because I wasn't wearing gators.I expect these boots to last a long while, the sole will be the first thing to go I imagine.If you weigh 300+ lbs though, these are probably not the boot you want to go with. But for anyone around 200lbs this is one awesome (extremely light) boot! These boots run 1/2 size large (as do most hiking boots), but that's good because it allows room for an extra pair of socks and keeps your toes from smashing into the end of your boots and prevents lost/black toenails. I ended up getting the all black boot from another etailer, but if brown or red is your thing how can you beat $32 off?