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Midwest MN

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Mid-Minnesota gal that is lucky enough to have the Cuyuna Trail system in her back yard.


K2wrote a review of on November 22, 2011

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My Karvers took a few rides to get them to break in- I love that they are super grippy, so much that I have to sit on my seat and lift my feet up to readjust on the pedals. The first couple rides my outside of my feet became numb, but that was fixed by loosening the laces and after a couple rides the shoes stretched out a little so no more problems that way. I was going to maybe start clipping in this next season, but I'm such a believer in these shoes I have friends that are thinking of getting away from their clip-ins and going to Five Tens. The one gripe- only 1 shoes built for gals? Come on- we love to have different color options!!