Josh Burkhart

Josh Burkhart

loyalsock state forrest

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Josh Burkhart

Josh Burkhart wrote a question about on July 20, 2013

Does the lid get brittle when it gets cold? I've always heated or cooled my thermos before filling it with my drink. This would be intended to keep things cold and id be tempted to put it in the freezer over night. Would I have to worry about dropping the bottle and breaking the lid if i did this? Also how durable is the finish on these bottles Do they scratch easy?



Josh Burkhart

Josh Burkhart wrote a review of on November 7, 2012

1 year and out soles are coming unglued
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Familiarity: I've used it several times

I've had these boots a little over a year now and have been very happy with them until now. I've worn them a bit but have not abused them by any means. They have a few scuffs and scrapes in the leather but otherwise look good. Now the out sole on my left boot is peeling right off at the heel and the right boot is starting to do the same. I would have thought that for $170 these things would have held up better. Seeing how the warranty is up ill probably have to take these to a boot repair shop on my own dime to fix. Don't think ill by this brand again.