Jose R. Bourdony

Jose R. Bourdony

Jose R. Bourdony

Jose R. Bourdonywrote a review of on January 5, 2011

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I purchased these single support (Icon 2) headphones as a second pair for computer and ipod use. It's a neat pair of HDP's with very cool graphics. It's a well made rugged unit that hands down substitutes the much less comfortable painful 'In-Ear' units which never fit and many a times cost much more than these SkullCandy neats.

Wear-wise, these units are very comfortable and stay put and could be worn without discomfort for extended periods of time due to their low weight and pillowed earpads; I figured that the earpads are to small and convex shaped to correctly line-up the sound field with the ear canal. I guess my first hunch of purchasing the double support Soft head-padded Icons (instead of the Icon 2's) was correct since I bet they are far more comfortable and better fitting.

Sound-wise, they are good, but not 'finger-licking-good'. This, again, due to the poor ear alignment defect. If you joggle the ear pads center point around to an exact alignment with the ear canal, sound quality improves dramatically to a point where you are tempted to label them as 'high-fidelity'.

Aesthetically, these pups are just beautiful; no matter which model you buy. So much so, that you wonder why other manufactures don't follow suit. Also, the nylon braided connecting cord, excellent plastic body material, included microphone and selection switch are very useful welcomed features. All-in-all they are rugged enough to withstand day-in/day-out use and abuse.

I must admit that when I purchased these HDP's, I was comparing them to my top-of-the line AKG's. Of course, sound-wise, they are far from these criterion quality units, but ergonomically-wise they more than favorably compare. And even so, for that matter, comparing them with the AKG's is the best compliment any headphone can attain. That being said, apart from the above mentioned gripes and, comparing them to other brands less qualifying similar units, I would label them as a 'Darn Good Buy'. This said, I am seriously considering buying a second pair of the Icon-1 Soft's, just to compare them.