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Jonas wrote an answer about on January 25, 2011

I would like to call them suicideswitch, I just bought them. Took the virgin tour just now. They switched from ski to tour mode about six or seven times on me. Im not extremely experienced with telemark, so the first time it switched I thought it was my lack of skills. Since I was trying out new equipment and the "switch" it self did not change position, but the pieces that keep the binding in place (in ski mode) did not handle the pressure (I guess there is a spring inside). When i stood up everything seemed to be in place, and i doubted my first reaction that it was the bindings fault.

At first it was only my left foot that released, and i kept doubting myself instead of the bindings. But when it happened the third time I took the hole fall and stayed on the ground. So that I would be able to check if it had actually released, and it had.

So then I though maybe it was a production flaw on my left binding, therefore I decided to push the right foot binding to the limit. When i did the same thing happened again, and again. So now Im a bit bruised up.

If you are planning on skiing in the area at all, and not like some old fart that stand up straight and goes no faster then 5 mph, i would recommend you to get something else.

Im gonna try to get my money back tomorrow and se if I can find something to replace them with! They ruined my day, and put a dent in my student economy and in my body as well.