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John G wrote an answer about on September 18, 2009

I have just started to use this tend at the end of the summer. It has sufficient ventilation for when air moves around the tent. However, it is a mountaineering slash winter conditions tent so ventilation is not as high a priority as its winter weather and fast pitch features. It does vent better than the Mt. Hardware EV2 Direct or equiv. single wall tents that do not heave a mesh door (ie Exped 4s/2p does but its very pricing with two vent windows and a vestibule). on the Alpinist the vestibule is really good enough to allow larger air flow to the inside mesh door, without it being affected by outside rain/snow/wind. This is why the Marmon Alpinist is so good. The ventibule does not provide any real gear space but rather allows the mesh door to be kept open and air to flow from below.
This tent panels are the same 3ply laminate breathable material as the EV2, but with better air flow.