Johan wrote a review of on November 22, 2004

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This is my first experience with headlamps. I have used the Duobelt 8 about four houers in total and have not had to changed batteries.

The led-part of the headlamp works very well. You get all the light you need (just using the optimal mode) for hiking and running in complete darkness. It gives an evenly dispersed and in maximum mode extremely powerful light. (At least 20 meters usable lighting.)

The halogen-part is the weak part of the lamp. The adjustable focus works poorly. You cannot focus the light into a completely circular spot and when focusing out you get lighting in circles with black areas in between. I find the halogen-part to be of use only when completely focused. As such it performs quite good. (If you can accept the irregular spot-lighthing). I would say you get about 40 meters of usable lighting with the halogen.

Remote batteries pack is recommended. You don't notice the weight on your belt and the connecting cord is hardly noticable. (when slipping it under your clothes)

I would buy this headlamp again. I like the lighting you get with the leds and I can live with the flawed design of the adjustable focus since the spot-lighing is acceptable.

Warning: UPS takes a BIG fee when passing swedish toll (which they make no efforts to avoid)