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Joel S

Joel S wrote a review of on March 24, 2003

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I have been skiing 200 cm or longer skis since the early 70's, and have been skiing overall since 1955. I ski big mountains, steeps, bumps, off-trail, gnarly, etc., and have spent the last ten years mostly at Lake Tahoe. Last few years it's been increasingly hard (197cm Elan MBX) to be as smooth and as effortless as I like to be. I knew shaped skis would be better, as I had rented/demoed many times, but didn't have the $$ to buy a new set. But I got to demo 170cm Atomic R11 20's at Steamboat on a weekend trip; my ski friends there go pretty fast, and I had no trouble keeping up, and no trouble in the bumps -- in fact, the skis turned just as I imagine I should be skiing, but can't all the time with the long straight sticks. When I got my own pair, and took them to Kirkwood - big steeps; then Alpine Meadows, including a private lesson and great slushy steeps/bumps; and a powder day doing tight tree shots and some steeps and new cover over ice/frozen at Homewood -- well, I was totally thrilled with these boards. I could go anywhere, ski with ease and low effort, and feel just great! They turned on a dime, but felt like I had on the stability of a long ski. FYI - they are quite heavy to carry with Atomic 614 bindings, but it's worth it!