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WA state

Niall's Passions



JiallsMane wrote a review of on September 16, 2012

4 5

I've owned both XS grip2 and the XS edge. I feel the edges wear better and offer performance on solid pin point hold but don't smear and flag as well as their stickier counterpart. But I feel the construction is better and the sued upper is a little more durable.

Either way love em.

Note: if you're having problem with heel cup being to spacious down size a little more till they are hurt to the point of foot binding. Then wear the crap out of them and in a week or two they will fit like an uncomfortable tight dream shoe.





JiallsMane wrote a review of on September 15, 2012

Being tall sucks
4 5

I ve used this bag once for small car trip and for good three day backpacking trip out to Shi Shi beach on the WA coast. I love this bag, it takes the weight and distributes it well with space to spare. My only problem is I'm 6'5' 195 lbs and I have a 34" hips with 32" waist. The stock belt didn't fit and the bag didn't sit well to allow my head to use the awesome space Arc'teryx has designed into the bag. Needless to say I have a long shake down period now that I have a small hip belt for the bag. Don't let my fit disappointment shy you away the bag is bomber. I will have this bag for years to come.




JiallsMane wrote a question about on January 9, 2012

Got these shoes a few days ago and love them, but have noticed that the lycra over my right index toe has thined and started to tear a hole into the material. Was wondering if anyone else has had this same problem.

Thomas: i thinks it's a combination of toe hooking and a rather tight fit with the shoe. It hasn't gotten nay worse since the initial wear. Talked to the people at scarpa they seemed rather boggled by it as well. But as long at it doesn't get any worse I'm not giving these shoes up. Love em.