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Jeremy wrote a review of on January 15, 2010

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I like this shoe a lot. My last shoes were 5.10 galileos, which were also great shoes. I bought the pontas b/c I wanted a more aggressive (and more versatile) shoe, not unlike the Miuras. The Pontas are supposed to be Evolv's version of the miuras, with one advantage that the pontas are synthetic. Well, the miuras are way more aggressive that the pontas: they turn both in and out substantially more. I did get the lace-ups, and it may be that the velcro pontas are more aggressive than the lace-ups.
All that being said, I'm enjoying the shoes. They edge nicely (the toe box could be narrower), are firm enough to spread the pressure of small holds across the foot, and the synthetic upper is surprisingly soft/supple (almost comfortable).
The yellow is also a cool color.