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Jerwrote a review of on January 26, 2012

3 5

I have skied these a few times but haven't had the chance to take them uphill. The fact that I can ski these inbounds says a lot. I can't bomb down but can cruise at a moderate speed. Compared to the BD Primes I had they are stiffer, provide more control and are fun to ski. The primes were way too soft. Really liked the BOA system, no blisters out of the box on the Primes.

These boots really need to go BOA, the lacing system sucks, not to mention I'm pretty sure they will cause me to fall at some point. Tucking the tab under the "Biovent" tab is fine but the laces can still get caught on something. Since I don't feel much stiffness on the tongue I removed 2 screws to bring one of the plastic plates up, seems like it will help but now the lacing lock tab is in the way...

Walking around in them is fine, the bottom sole is wicked slippery, watch out will you get them scuffed up. The liner has a weird neoprene front which makes custom insoles slide forward through, I have custom insoles I had to tape down.

If there is a stiff great AT boot with a 100mm last I'm all ears.

The boot runs smaller than my impact 10s. A boot fitter couldn't get the thing fit right and kept saying I needed to go down a shell size. I tried a size smaller and there's no way in *$&#( I could get it to close. The shell fit had 2 fingers and that's ok. It doesn't mean you need to size down in this boot.

Salomon really needs to modify this boot and make it better. If you are inbetween the 12 and the 14 I would go with the 14. BC is out of my size. The double canting makes a different for me as I catch a little edge when skiing switch. Not to mention they would be stiffer. 12s are soft. If you are buying these boots to get a powerful boot then you want the 14s. Granted I'm 200+ lbs.




Jerwrote a review of on January 16, 2012

2 5

I have a front loading washer so there's no way it snagged. Great jacket however after washing it once the wire in the brim poppped out and the front face of the jacket's fabric is showing loose threads (like 10).

I returned it for the above reasons. Really like the jacket but wish the quality was up to par, everything else was great! Can't recommend a jacket that starts to fall apart 5 uses in.





Jerwrote a review of on December 11, 2011

4 5

So far I like them, I go through gloves fairly fast so we'll see how they handle. Green stiching is a tiny bit off, just like the stiching inside my flex 3 jacket. You can tell where the excess fabric wasn't cut perfectly.

Not a bad pair of gloves so far only used in 15-25 degree days. Really like the wrist cuff thing for when you take them off. I am not a fan of the gauntlet long style.

Backcountry when will you carry the short version?




Jerwrote a review of on November 13, 2011

5 5

Took it out backcountry for the first time and was really impressed with this jacket, so impressed this is my first time writing a review. Was about 28-32F.

Wanted a jacket that I could wear a light layer and skin up in it without having to take it off. Regulating temperature using the pit zips, zipping the hood up, etc, was a breeze. Pit zips are super easy to operate, has 3 of them which leads to a really cool feature. Leave 2 at the top, one at the bottom and unzip the bottom one up a bit and put your hands in there, against the inside of the shell are two pockets that were made for that. Really feels like someone designed this jacket vs just picking a fabric, color, pocket placement and rolling it into production.

It snowed and howled and the jacket performed like a champ (slightly damp at the end of the day but no big deal). I don't like to wear a beanie hiking and the hood was perfect for adding protection/warmth.

On the way back down a woman skinning up stopped me just to look at my jacket. She was surprised I was wearing a Norrona jacket and proceeded to school me on how to say "Norrona" properly. Cracked me up. She apperently is a huge fan of the brand.

-Touch of warmth (fleece lined, inc hood)
-Multiple pockets
-bright visible color

Products compared:
-Mammut Ultimate Inuit Softshell (chafed chest like mad)
-Patagonia Talus Hoody (weird fit, short, so so hood)
-Mountain Hardwear Dragon (too broad for me in the shoulders, no warmth)

What sold me:
1) the hood, FINALLY a hood that fits big (collar), cinches down great, brim provides nice coverage and I can easily cover my nose and mouth if I have to. Brilliant!
2) pit zips, cake to operate
3) fit (longer coverage)
4) unique attention to detail
5) comfortable
6) price, its a great value for the money compared to the other jackets, all jackets compared were much more retail.