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Jared Fuchs

Jared Fuchs

North Dakota

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I used to snowboard, skateboard, wakeboard, etc. but I had a bad car accident in '03 so I can't do all of that anymore...

Spring '08 I took a massive trip w/ some friends through some western natl.parks. We covered 6,000+ miles in 14 days and saw a dozen or so Natl. Parks. Highlights were Zion, Crater Lake, Yosemite, hiking through Bridges National Park, sleeping under the stars @ Lake Powell and biking @ Moab... Utah has some of the coolest places I've ever been...behind Nepal maybe.

This photo is from a snowmobile trip in the Black Hills w/ my wife and some friends, March'09.

Jared Fuchs

Jared Fuchs wrote an answer about on October 21, 2010

No, and you don't want this fork anyways, the light weight comes at a major price. One pretty good wreck and this fork was done and if you get the remote lockout that's guaranteed to break in a weak crash, $100+ for a new one also.



Jared Fuchs

Jared Fuchs wrote an answer about on October 15, 2010

A year has gone by and I've damaged another helmet. Someone mentioned to me that Giro does have a policy that they may replace the helmet. Here's what it says and Becky I'm sorry I accidentally hit your thumbs down button when I wasn't paying attention. (dumb trackpad) the link for this is:

Giro is interested in your safety and in advancing our state-of-the-art in head protection. If your helmet is involved in an accident you may be able to get a credit toward a new helmet from Giro by doing the following:

Send us:
a. Your damaged helmet
b. A copy of your dated cash register receipt
c. A letter describing your accident (in as much detail as possible)

Ship to:
Consumer Service
735 Pacesetter Drive
Rantoul, IL 61866

If you have any questions about this program please call us at (800) 456-2355 or e-mail us at . Crash replacement program is available to U.S. customers only. Customers outside the U.S. should call (800) 456-2355 or e-mail us for information on the crash replacement program applicable to them.

Remember: NEVER wear a helmet that’s been involved in an accident.



Jared Fuchs

Jared Fuchs wrote a question about on September 2, 2010

I ordered 2 of these tires the other day for the front of my bikes, as it seems most reviewers say that's where you should run these.
And I just ordered 2 Moto Raptor Race (2.24 in.) tires as well, as I wanna get some new tires on front and back on both bikes.
Is it a bad idea to stick these on the back and the Raptors up front? I'm just concerned about putting either tire on back since most reviewers like both these tires up front.



Jared Fuchs

Jared Fuchs wrote a review of on September 1, 2010

new watch
4 5

I just got this for my birthday and I'm excited to get out and use it. After reading through the manual I think there's a pretty steep learning curve with this watch. But the initial set up of time/day/HR was pretty simple. Used it biking, it works great.

I'll see what it's like the next couple months and report back later. I like all the Alti/Baro/HR/Compass options, also why I bought this watch. Hopefully it won't be to difficult to get it all down.




Jared Fuchs

Jared Fuchs wrote a review of on August 25, 2010

4 5

I am super happy with this saddle's comfort and pain reducing on my backside... but the first thing I noticed when this saddle arrived was that 2 staples holding the leather attached to the bottom of the seat were already close to coming out.

A couple weeks later and I've already lost one and the other is close to falling out as well. At least I got it for $32 off Chainlove. It's a super comfortable saddle and I'm hoping the loss of these staples won't affect that.



Jared Fuchs

Jared Fuchs wrote a review of on September 9, 2009

Review Title
5 5

I just wrecked really hard this past Labor day weekend and my 3 yr old Hex stood up to the beating I gave it with out much impact on my head. It is cracked now so I'm gonna be getting a new one today, thanks for the great price on a great helmet. I attached a pic of my helmet after the crash, it was a doozy.




Jared Fuchs

Jared Fuchs wrote an answer about on September 9, 2009

that's how helmets work, they crack in...

that's how helmets work, they crack in order to disperse the energy to different areas of the helmet... you gotta replace it, I'm sure no helmet company offers a no-crack guarantee since that's how they are designed to work.
I just recently cracked my helmet too & I wouldn't even begin to think about the company replacing it, it did what it was suppose to do... save my already beat up head.



Jared Fuchs

Jared Fuchs wrote a review of on April 22, 2009

3 5

I just got these and I'm a bit disappointed at the light color of the lenses, I was hoping for something a bit darker when I ordered a brown gradient, it should be called a light brown to clear gradient. They also tend to be narrow but other than that they seem really cool. I'll check back after using them in the sun a bit.