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Janeclimber wrote an answer about on January 15, 2013

I have the older model. It has two holes at the hem, you can thread a bungie cord through the holes. After you put on the bibs, you let the bungie cord go under the sole of your boot. It is sorta like the fastener on a gaiter. The leg openings are smaller than the ski pants because it is not really for fat ski boots. So when you secure the hem to the climbing boots using the bungie cord, the snow can hardly get in. I use them for BC ski and winter ice climbing and found no snow inside.



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Janeclimber wrote an answer about on November 2, 2010

These boots shall work for ice climbing, if you are already an experienced ice climber. But if you are new to the sport, they are NOT the best boots for ice climbing. First, these boots are designed for three-season mountaineering/alpine use, so they are not very warm. You will be fine to use it in temperatures above 20F. Second, the boots do not have the toe welts that can accept the step-in crampons. Most of the crampons for ice climbing are "step-in" crampons. But if you are already an ice climber, this should not be a problem.




Janeclimber wrote a review of on June 22, 2010

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Backcountry got it wrong. These ascenders are, at least were, made in Russia. Not made in China!

The little error aside, it is a really good ascender. It runs smoothly and lighter than the Petzl Microascender by 10 grams.