Jan en Suzan brouwer

Jan en Suzan brouwer

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Jan en Suzan brouwer

Jan en Suzan brouwer wrote a question about on September 26, 2012

Dear you all,
We borrowed for our camp vacation in texas your perfect working Jetboil Sol Stove. unfortunately we used it in the wrong way. we forget the metal panholder, so the plastic melt down.Can we buy a newbottum for the stove? We are from the Netherlands, so forgif us the language and let it sent to the adress of my brother in San Marcos tx, If we pay will you then sent it to the adress we give up?
Can you give the answer to our own mailadress:
Do you also have a list of shops where we can buy your products in surrounding of San Marcos or Houston?
Thank you for the information, greetings Suzan Brouwer