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I like skiing and the outdoors in general. I'm into gear like jackets and pants.

James Molnar

James Molnar wrote an answer about on May 1, 2010

This jacket will definitely stand up to all snow conditions and is completely windproof, but it is more lightweight and not as durable because it is made from paclite. To be warm down to -5 degrees F, I would say you would need a down sweater like the mountain hardwear phantom layered underneath with a midweight baselayer.



James Molnar

James Molnar wrote an answer about on April 2, 2010

Those two jackets aren't really comparable. The absolute zero is meant to be worn on the coldest possible expeditions. It has 800 fill down and is completely waterproof. Its really only for the serious cold. The dually should be pretty warm but not nearly the level of the absolute zero. The arc'teryx is also filled with synthetic insulation instead of down. It is made more for extra warmth on climbs when you are just standing around, put on over your climbing layers.



James Molnar

James Molnar wrote an answer about on March 26, 2010

The gascans won't just fall down if you're sitting still, but you might have some slippage if you're doing vigorous activity. They aren't really made for that though. They should be fine for day to day activities and will be more or less slippery depending on the finish you get.



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