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James Cooper

Red River Gorge KY, to Joshua Tree CA and all points in between.

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A seasoned outdoorsman who's always looking for friends to share the next adventure.

James Cooper

James Cooper wrote an answer about on September 3, 2012

Per NRS' website: " Fits most medium to small cockpits.
Range is approximately: 31"-36" Long and 17"-20" Wide". The Avocet cockpit is approximately 18" X 33", which falls within this covers range, so it should fit properly.



James Cooper

James Cooper wrote an answer about on September 2, 2012

A sleeping bags rating is typically a low temp where it will still keep you warm, but not a comfortable warm. If your going to be sleeping in the 15 deg range, look into a zero deg bag or lower to give you a good comfort level. Regardless of which bag you purchase, I recommend you also get a sleeping bag liner. It will add some warmth to the bag and will also protect it's inside from dirt and is easy to clean. Also be sure to have an adequate sleeping pad for cold ground/snow.



James Cooper

James Cooper wrote an answer about on August 29, 2012

Brianna, there are a few uses with a longer sling on a quickdraw:
1. If the quickdraws are already on the wall, a longer sling will allow you to clip the rope a bit sooner.
2. When a climb is not "centered", the longer sling gives the rope more lateral maneuverability on the wall and decreases carabiner drag.
3. When a piece of protection is placed (ex: in a deep crack on trad climb) a longer sling will allow the bottom carabiner to hang freely outside of the crack.

The downside to the longer sling is that it does increase weight.
If your building a climbing gear "rack", versatility is nice and you could get a few of each size.



James Cooper

James Cooper wrote an answer about on August 27, 2012

It will not. The tent's dimentions are 82" long, 52" at the head and 44" at the feet, meaning that it's more of a trapezoid than a true rectangle. Also, while it says "Two person tent", these tents are typically made to be lightwieght and "cozy" with little extra room. I recommend you try a three person tent instead. Backcountry currently has 3 person Marmot and other manufacturer tents on sale.



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