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JSteinhilper wrote a review of on April 24, 2003

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Although my camping trip was one of the worst ever, one thing that worked great was the First Need water *purifier*. One of the things that I really liked about it before buying it was the fact that it also took care of viruses, not just crud and bacteria. You can also hang it from a tree or something, and you don't have to pump. That could have worked better, seems to be lacking a gasket or something, leaked a little bit for that part but I'm not sure the bag I was filling was made to fit either. The water tasted just great. It came out crystal clear and clean, but it really didn't show up until I saw just what I was pumping into it, nice and brown. And it really wasn't a lot of work, I used the siphon feature as much as I could, but when I did use the pump, it was not a lot of work. I just wish my camping trip worked out as well as this thing.