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Henrik wrote an answer about on January 20, 2009

LT:320N GORE-TEX® 3L ProSV:480N GORE-TEX® 3L Pro That's why LT can be lighter than SV, but SV is stronger than LT The chest pocket zippers are straight on the SV, and slighty offset on the LT. The LT does not have the elastics in the wrist, only the velcro adjustments. Oh, and i think the LT only has one internal pocket, while the sv has two.



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Henrik wrote an answer about on January 12, 2009

I have both kayland 8 and 9 rigidity boots, and the difference is huge.The eights flex like a heavyduty hikingboot, but the 9 i can barely budge. They are not completely plank, but close (you can flex it somewhat if you really try, but I would say fully rigid.)