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Greg Meehan

Greg Meehan wrote a review of on July 23, 2009

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Took this guy camping a few times so far and have been pretty well impressed at how it's held up. Be advised; it's MUCH taller than the photo on here makes it out to be. Surprisingly taller to be honest. Holds a LOT of liquor. It cleans very well, (I agree with the below reviewer with the fact that the body of the flask doesn't hold a lot of odor, however the cap has a tendency to do so. I believe this might be because of the small gasket.) Speaking of that gasket, I would have rated this more stars than I did, but that little malleable gasket in the cap has separated and come loose. I expected that this would happen over time but was surprised at how quickly it came loose after two instances of "field" use.

Overall, while it does fill the bill and is useful, I'm thinking about trying another flask from a different manufacturer and moving this into more of a backup role for my camping kit.