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Graison Swaan

Graison Swaan wrote a question about on August 16, 2011

i had to send my arcteryx katabatic in for repair, unfortunately it cannot be repaired so they want to send me the Solano, which i'm not entirely enthused about.
What i liked about the katabatic was the wind stopping ability, since i biked to work in cooler conditions in it, and the soft fleecy inner lining which kept me warm. I could wear this and a t shirt down to -15C or so and be warm. The jacket just bottled in the heat somehow.
I'm thinking the Venta AR might be a better replacement. i'd like an inner lining and would prefer the die cut velcro sleeves, also it's got to block the wind (and light rain to a lesser extent). I don't need a hood either.
Would this be a suitable replacement or is there something better roughly in this price range?
Thanks for the help.