George Williamson

George Williamson

Southern Oregon

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Hiking & Camping

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I was born and raised in Hawaii; spending much of my early life in the Water. I moved to Oregon in my early teen years. Now I try to get out into the mountains as much as possible, whether I be snowmobiling, camping or hunting, outdoor life is my true passion.

George Williamson

George Williamson wrote a question about on March 3, 2009

Would anyone with experience with this sack be able to tell me if a 45lb. Shepherd would be able to crawl in this thing with me? Possibly snuggle against the bottom/side of my sleeping bag. Im a rather slim guy, 6'1" not really any extra baggage. If NOT possible, perhaps someone could recommend another Bivy/1 man that is as well built as this one but would accommodate my pup?