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George Sunderland

George Sunderland wrote a review of on August 1, 2011

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I bought a pair of these at a race expo in March (2011) and they quickly became my favorites for trail running. I've had a couple of pair of Leki's that I've used over the last ten years or so. These are so much lighter, fold up smaller, and are so much quicker to pop up and take down. The rubber/plastic tips wore quickly and were almost gone by the time I got around to changing them. The carbide tips have held up very well. The small permanent cups are perfect for almost all conditions....especially in old hard pack snow drifts. They can be a bit of problem in thick undergrowth as they sometimes tend to "snag" on the underbrush & plant material. Still, that 's kind of picky. I wouldn't trade these for anything and they are a great bargain.