Durango, Colorado

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Mountain Biking
Alpine Skiing

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Mountain biking, river guiding, AT skiing, hiking, backpacking and fishing are just what I do my best to make time for. I'm a sem-inative to Colorado if 1987 counts? Cheers...


Explorer-CO wrote a review of on December 16, 2005

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I've had this light for about three months and just replaced the batteries after considerable use. The IQ part of this light is really tech. There is a LED light on top that indicates the level of the batteries, (Green, Orange and Red) as well as serving as an intermittent beacon, flashing every few seconds to let you know the battery level and where you left it in the bottom of your pack, car, closet. This light is friendly to your camp mates as it has the four SuperBright LEDs on the top of the reflector, which prevents you from completely blinding the unsuspecting person you turn to speak to. The reflector is also textured like a halogen headlamp, creating a nice even spread of light in both modes. With all the features this lamp offers, this thing is the only one you'll need. It's light enough for running at night and the Xenon bulb really throws a torch out there a ways. The zoom adjustment of the lamp in Xenon mode is essentially worthless, it really has no zoom. The Beacon or Strobe feature is cool (LED mode only), hope I never need it. Great all around lamp.