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Esteban wrote an answer about on November 18, 2013

Get the Arcteryx.

Feathered Friends makes great sleeping bags , but in my experience, all of their clothing is cut really strange and runs about 3 sizes small. You might like it if you are a really small person with no torso, but you should probably try one on first.

You can only tell so much by comparing specifications.

Both jackets will use top-notch materials.

The arcteryx piece will be perfectly cut and true to size.

However, the fit of the Feathered Friends jacket might be more "esoteric" so you should probably try it before you buy it (or just get the arcteryx, which is a sure thing).

Hope this helps.




Esteban wrote an answer about on September 11, 2012

Get the XL. I have had the XL for the past 12 years and it is perfect for living out of; living on boats; six months in Africa; moved bw continents several times. This bag has been extremely durable, and always has enough room. The XL can hold so much that it becomes too heavy to carry. When this is the case, I take some stuff out and crank on the compression straps. The compression straps allow you to cinch the XL down to a manageable size that is appropriate for week long trips. The XL is perfect for trips where you might acquire some things during the trip and want to have extra space just in case. The compression straps make it manageable even when the bag is less than half full. Get the XL.




Esteban wrote a review of on September 10, 2012

5 5

The Rab Neutrino Endurance is a super warm well-made down jacket. Super high quality materials. Workmanship is as good or better than anything by Accteryx. This jacket is cut a little longer and the materials are more durable than most 'belay' parkas. I am 6'4" 210 lbs. and the XL fits perfect. It falls about 2 inches below my belt. It is articulated for climbing. Great materials, workmanship,and ideal cut. My only complaint is that the zipper pull is "left-handed," european-style, whatever. It is still the best technical down jacket I have ever seen. Highly Recommended.