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Edward wrote an answer about on January 11, 2013

well real quick the carbon filter is seperate its mainly for taste you get the regular filtering element one free with the unit when you buy its saying on top of tht you can buy a carbon cartridge bottle adapter for taste ...... and further more when you buy and pay the 369.95 its complete and ready to use and trust me your buying a piece of amazing equipment tht you wont regret the filter last almost forever you add up the price you will spend in replacement filters on any other unit im sure itll come over the price of this unit this filter is the best and i dont see anyone making a filter tht comes close to this anytime soon even if it 500 id still buy this unit at least a month a year im out in backcountry had the same filter for 5 years now complete outta the box havent done anything or paid anymore then the price tht was listed and its still going strong so i highly highly recommend this




Edward wrote a review of on January 5, 2013

5 5

Familiarity: I've used it several times

well first off i did alot of research on stoves before i actually got one and i seen this stove and then also seen this package with titanium pot with spork and the stove is solid and very dependable besides maybe o rings i cant imagine i will need to replace much else on it in my years of future and present use its all light compact and amazing the auto start is working out great heats water in majic times extremely suited for one or two if needed i would and will tell people about my humble exp with this stove satasfied is the word for this package will never use aluminum again unless im dieing and someone steals my new titanium 700