Primarily central Florida and Georgia.

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Hiking & Camping

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I enjoy wildlife photography as a hobby, as well as camping and hiking. What a great combination!


Dutch wrote a review of on April 22, 2012

4 5

I received the Rock 22 this week and finally got a chance to set it up today. I love the tent, the construction, and the features. It is a quality tent with a great price and terrific features.

If it's such a great tent, why am I returning it? Well, the dimensions listed for the tent are way off. The length is listed at 89". I'm 6'7" tall (79") and my head and feet pressed against the inner walls. I didn't break out the tape measure to measure it myself, but since I was touching both ends I believe the length is approximately 78" or so.

I'm still giving this tent a 4 star rating. It's a quality item and should work wonderfully for average sized persons. If you're very tall like I am, you'll want to look elsewhere.





Dutch wrote a review of on July 19, 2009

5 5

I'll write a brief review because Mountain Hardwear deserves it for making a great product.

I'm a really big guy at 6'7", and very broad at the shoulders. I ordered the Banshee because it was one of the few quality bags built for folks my size.

I was thrilled when I received the bag because it was as advertised. Durable materials, quality construction, light-weight, and packed small. I climbed in to test it out and became very disappointed...I didn't fit! The length was great but I was too restricted in the shoulder and torso area.

This is no fault of the bag...it had adequate dimensions, just not for me. Long story short, I ended up returning the bag, and was very disappointed because the bag was perfect except that I'm too danged big!

If you're an unusually large or broad person you would definitely want to check it out first, but if you're of a "normal" size this would be a fantastic bag. Mountain Hardwear made a great product with the Banshee. I just wish that I could have kept it.





Dutch wrote a review of on February 5, 2008

1 5

It would probably not be a bad tent for one person in a dry environment. This three person tent held two, but we were very cramped. Then during a late night thunderstorm we found that water seeped through the lower seams. This is a lightweight tent with no rainfly, so water also seeped in anywhere something touched the tent material from the inside. Since the interior was rather cramped our bags were naturally touching the walls of the tent, and guess what.... I'd choose something besides the Spectrum 33.I will add that this site's customer service in resolving this has been excellent!