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Diego Olaya

Diego Olaya

Diego Olaya

Diego Olayawrote a review of on May 10, 2011

International shipping packing issues
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The Huck n Roll "ready to ride" packing system (where the bike is taken from the original manufacturer box, then is assembled and tested and re packed in a bigger box in order to ship a fully operating bike) has one flaw: International Shipping

I've bought a 2011 Yeti 575 to be shipped to South America. Having in mind the "ready to ride" packing system, I requested in the customer notes of the purchase order for a smaller box (i.e the original manufacturer box).

Unfortunately, Huck N Roll has a "packing agreement" with Yeti that does not allow them to dispatch the bike in the original Yeti Box.

Due to the huge difference between the box weight and its volumetric weight
the freight costs have been increased in USD 150 just for the box size (a really expensive box, don't you think?)

Conclusion: If you are thinking about buying a bike from Huck N Roll for international shipping, please take the box size in account.

Eliminating the box from the equation, I'm really happy with the Huck N Roll service. I hope to engage a long term commercial relationship with them.