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Derrick Klabouch

Derrick Klabouch

Ottawa, Ont

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I'm a mountain biker. Roads or no roads. It doesn't matter to me.

I believe to spend cheap on the bike. If your going to destroy it why spend alot.

Derrick Klabouch

Derrick Klabouchwrote a review of on February 17, 2010

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I have owned a few pairs of goggles from Smith. I can safely say they make excellent products. These goggles are about mid price range. I recommend them if you have been using goggles for awhile. If your brand new you might want a cheaper pair.

These have a very good view point. Not hard to see at all. Only problem is that they tend to fog up if your using a balaclava and it's not a very windy day. Otherwise they are great. For looks the Ignitor Mirror is great. If your planning on using these for night time only I recommend you go with the Rc36 lens, although you can see out of the Ignitor Mirror lens fine at night time given enough light.

The goggles themselves are super comfy.