David Thiel

David Thiel

Western Massachusetts, Southern Vermont

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David's Passions

Nordic Skiing
Mountain Biking
Road Cycling
Alpine Skiing

David's Bio

Outdoor pursuits include mountain biking, backpacking, road cycling, and wintersports like snowshoeing and skiing.

I travel a fair amount and am lucky to go to some interesting places.

I do quite a lot of photography and video work (semi professional) and I have the great fortune to work with most of the very best Canon gear.

David Thiel

David Thiel wrote an answer about on May 26, 2014

I'm of two minds on this:

1) If you're going to use it for family backpacking, then that extra volume can come in handy for light-but-bulky crowd pleasers (for my crowd, it's bagels). You can also choose to under pack it anytime you want. I go with slightly larger volume backs on scout campouts since i have to carry stuff that others will forget.

2) The smaller the pack, the more judicious you'll be when packing... and 70 liters really should be big enough for what you're describing.

3) if your plans include winter camping and/or you just have bulky gear, then I'd go with the larger size.

4) if you have gear that can strap to the outside (z-rest, sleeping bag in a dry bag, etc. Or if you don't carry a tent... then I'd definitely say go with the smaller pack.

There, that's four minds.



David Thiel

David Thiel wrote an answer about on May 19, 2014

Honestly the best option I've found is a Pedco Ultrapod (4oz) + GoPro tripod mounts. Weighs 4oz, costs $16, packs super small, and you can strap that puppy to anything -- including a random stick you pick up. Strong enough to hold a 5D too.



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