David Dzikiewicz

David Dzikiewicz

New England

David Dzikiewicz's Bio

I am an outdoor addict! Anybody who knows me can back me up on that. Whether it be hiking, biking, skiing, running, climbing, or camping, I love it all! I love the peace and serenity of being out in the middle of nowhere, but I also love the the heart-pounding adrenaline rush of flying down a hill or pushing my body to the limit in an all-out sufferfest of climbing over mountains and across great expanses at a time. I am a New Englander, and like most New Englanders I am a hearty one at that. I love pouring out sweat in the extreme heat and humidity of the summer as well as freezing my ass off in the icy cold winters. I love the calming effect of the rain and the excitement of when the snow falls from the sky blanketing the ground and turning the world into a playground. I embrace the changing of the seasons; of when new life emerges and flourishes through the Spring then slowly dies away and disappears into a desolate landscape through the Fall. I love being in the middle of it. Most of all, I love my gear for getting me through it all.

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