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Dave wrote an answer about on February 11, 2013

Just a follow up. Despite the suggestion from Mark P, I got the skis and mounted them +2cm with G3 Onyx. Been touring with them quite a bit on the BC coast and Cascades. I was glad to have mounted these +2, and was lucky enough that the Onyx have 1.5cm range to adjust. I basically have them at +2.5cm now, and if I could, would go even further to +3. The tips are huge and seem impossible to dive, and I need more tail to manage these at any kind of speed. In the end, I love how they ride in perfect powder, but a couple tracks or avi debris and you notice how soft they really are, especially when you're riding fast out of a chute. Too soft for me, even as a specialty tool in my quiver. I need stiffer, and more center mounted.