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Darren Dix

Darren Dix

Darren Dix

Darren Dixwrote a review of on December 14, 2014

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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I own 3 of these splits (why, one might ask?) You can't bogart the backcountry all to yourself, and it seems that at the end of the season, splitties can be had for 50% off (must be like, zero profit for the retailers, but hey? it is what it is!)

I started with the voile set up on a split decision, and have seen the advancements of the binding systems with GREAT delight, and swear by the Karakoram system, particularly the ultra lights.

I have installed a 3rd K clip to ALL 5 of my splitties and it is WELL worth the additional 50 grams. Don't do it without a drill press, and be willing to patiently start with your smallest drill bit and work all the way up through your bit sizes until you have the correct size so that your holes are precise. If not, you will have un-desired play.
If you install these proper, you will never even notice ANY difference from a non split. If you don't, there will always be that gap that actually will even catch an inner edge when buttering. Now, with the Gecko clueless skins, and the Karakoram system, it is feasible to keep up with your skiing buddies, or even outpace them! I did a double tour with my buddy on skis last year, 2 x 4 hour tours back to back! I know full well that I would not have been up to the second tour without my trick set-up. This deck ROCKS!! I would rather have the C-1 like my "El Nino" deck for skinning, and in general for everything, BUT… if you are a switch hound like me, you will LOVE how C-2 does it ALL except for conditions that you don't want! I leave the undesirable conditions to my Jones solutions. Yes, when it is icy and un-predictable, leave it to Dr. Jones and his mountaineering deck, but for EVERYTHING else, stick with the C-2!