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St.Anton am Arlberg, Austria


Darkstarfmxwrote a review of on October 18, 2009

5 5

This goggle is the shit. Just got it in Kaleidoscope Block Text with the fire iridium lens and its the nuts. I had the Crowbar before this, and swore I'd never buy another goggle, but this was the exception to that oath. I've used plenty of other goggles before (Dragon, Electric, Anon) and although some were excellent, they didn't touch the Oakleys. But thats just my preference. Everyone has a different face.
As far as the new frame design, it definitely reduces the pressure on the nose and makes it much easier to breath, but dont go buying a new pair just cos they're the new thing on the block. They are definitely a better design than the crowbar, but not by much. If your crowbars are still in good shape, stick with them. I upgraded cos I broke my frame. For those of you not used to Oakleys, I'd suggest an iridium (fire, blue, black etc) for the sunny days, and a high intensity yellow lens for the powder whiteouts.
Overall I'm super happy with this goggle, and will be rocking them everyday this season.