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Hiking & Camping

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Born in Chicago. I grew up learning to ski on landfills in the Midwest. At 18 I moved to Colorado and learned to ski powder. Injuries and age have forced me out of the terrain park, now I enjoy skiing powder and dropping cliffs. I don't mind hiking and climbing to find good lines to ski. For more video's visit my YouTube Channel: YouTube.com/user/dantemonteverd

Dante Monteverde

Dante Monteverde wrote an answer about on January 18, 2012


I'm about to mount my Salomon Rocker 2's (184) with this AT Setup:

Black Diamond Fritschi Diamir Freeride Pro Binding -120MM - http://www.backcountry.com/black-diamond-fritschi-diamir-freeride-pro-binding-120mm

I'm a big fan of the Fritschi's and prefer them over the Markers. The DIN goes to 12, I never pop out of my bindings. And the convenience of not having to come out of your binding to go into touring mode is huge. Not only when climbing but it's also very useful when traversing flat sections without skins (especially in powder where it can be pain coming in and out of your binding).

The 120mm brakes will fit the Salomon Rocker 2's 122 underfoot fine.

and these bindings are on sale at Backcountry.com so they cost about the same.



Dante Monteverde

Dante Monteverde wrote a question about on January 17, 2012

Climbing Skins for Rocker 2's?

I know the consensus from the Q & A below seems to be go with 130MM Climbing Skins for Rocker 2's.

Would 125mm be to narrow?

Also... Can anyone recommend a climbing skin brand they would go with that fit the Rocker 2's the best? Which tail attachments work best?

For someone only doing short climbs, 1-2 hours tops usually less. What material type would you go with?

I have had some bad experience with some tail attachments in the past. And I have never cut skins for rocker skis before so any help would be much appreciated!



Dante Monteverde

Dante Monteverde wrote a question about on February 22, 2011

I want to buy these ski's. However, I need help! What kind of bindings can I mount on them? I want to mount BD Diamir Fritchi bindings on them. However these skis are so wide at the underfoot, they don't make a brake that wide. What can I do? Are there custom brakes out there?

Also, are their climbing skins available for such wide ski's? Or would you guys recommend not cutting skins for such a wide ski b/c it will be to difficult to climb with these skis?




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