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Cullen O

Cullen O'Connor

Cullen O'Connor

Cullen O'Connorwrote a review of on March 20, 2012

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i dont know what the guy is talking about it being stiff. have you ridden it enough? it was kinda stiff and the more days you put on it the looser it gets. i have mine flexy as hell and it pops like a rocket with nitrous. i wasnt expecting it on a jump as i used to ride all mountiain boards and damn... this think can hop over anyhting. the lowered nose and tail tip also make initating spins sooo much easier. technine gets rep as a cheap brand but my board is sturdy as hell. i banged the tail on a side walk pretty good and it only dented a little bit (for as hard as a bailed, im suprised it didnt split completly) the longer effective edge is soooo nice cuz i can ride a 153 for park and street then hit the mountains (groomers only :/) and still have stability at high speeds. btw im 6,1" 170 lbs. so no this is not normal for people to ride this short of boards.